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    Commander Bios ( sort of )

    Prinny Mask
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    Commander Bios ( sort of )

    Post by Prinny Mask on Wed Apr 29, 2015 2:12 pm

    I shall rename the commanders, The Six Grand Cardinals ( I totally did not steal that from something)
    All the commanders are sorted by their power and authority

    Cardinal Rank 1 Code name: World Eater
    He/She joined the King at a very young age, believing he is the key to true peace, He/She fights without emotion and without hesitation. He/she has a crush on the King  
    Deck: Modified SpellBooks

    Cardinal Rank 2 Code name: Mystery Hero X
    He/She was raised by King but is not his daughter/son, he was picked up by king off the streets as he sees potential in the child
    Deck: Masked Heros

    Cardinal Rank 3 Code name: Light-bringer
    He/She was a born with the ability to read minds and also break someones sanity, He/She was shunned where he/she came from but the King has accepted Him/her into the his court
    Deck: Lightsworn

    Cardinal Rank 4 Code name: Dark Lighting
    He/She has always have a two faced personality always conflicting with him/herself, Both of his/her personality are devoted to the service of the King, He/She has a crush on Rank 3
    Deck: Constellar AND Evilswarm

    Cardinal Rank 5 Code Name: Piston Hurricane
    He/She is the younger sibling of Light-bringer, He/She traced Rank 2 back to the king and joined to be closer to his/her sibling
    Deck: Blackwing

    Cardinal Rank 6 Code Name: Fallen Justice
    He/she was the former ruler of the mundys until overthrown by Gauss, He/she now serves as as his enforcers as a slave. He/she power was sapped by the King
    Deck: Any teir 3

    Suggestions? Comments?

    Also you may add more to the back story of the character but you cannot change what is written here.
    Which one would you like? Ill take all things to consideration. The names and gender of the character is also up to you

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